Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Took the kids to see Santa last weekend at Niagara Hobby. We really enjoy going there...Santa's reindeer are there and Josh loves watching all the trains that they have set up. It was really chilly outside in the caboose this year, but what should we expect in December?

So...what did they ask Santa for? Kayla wants a Webkinz and some surprises. Josh wants the Star Wars Legos Game for his Gameboy...and he told Santa "no surprises" ~ just the game :) LOL! Santa reminded them that he only visits good little girls and boys and that they had to clean their room on Christmas Eve :) What a nice Santa!

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Bop said...

Hellooo, Cindy!!!

Thank you for not taking us off of your Christmas card list! I know we haven't sent any in years, but I always look forward to getting your beautiful holiday greetings and catching up on your life from a distance. So glad you have a blog now so I can check in more regularly and not have to wait for the annual update! You and your family all look great, seems like you have had another amazing year!

Your long lost (well obviously not lost since your cards find me - perhaps long absent is more appropriate) friend,

P.S. Still remember helping you with your paper route and watching MTV in your living room afterschool. I think 7th grade is my most memorable year.

Happy 2008!

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