Monday, February 22, 2010

P365 ~ I'm Still In!

Oh, yes I have been taking/collecting photos for my P365 project...but getting them edited and posted has proved to be quite the challenge. Soooo, month 2 and I'm already this far behind...doesn't look too good, but I'm hanging in there.

Josh's very first penalty...looking a little dejected in the box!

My colorful daughter's colorful sneakers...she's one of a kind!

Very proud of his project grade! 100%

Me back in the day of WAY too much hairspray (Aquanet white to be exact!)

Another one of my favorite dishes...sweet and sour chicken stir fry!

Ah, the tween fashion these days...Aero, Aero, Aero...

A fraction of my Disney snowglobe collection.

Just the way I find my kids every weekend, in their PJ's and glued to the Wii!

My workout buddy :-)

We keep losing our garbage cans...hopefully now with our house number on it, we can claim it back!

My son, the Honor Roll student! Oh my, never thought I'd say that! So proud of him!

The BEST homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches EVER!

My other "Terrific Kid"

Johnny Spillane makes US history by becoming the the first ever to win an American Olympic medal (silver) in the Nordic combined event. Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep It Real

I took on a little "extra credit" assignment from GP and was tickled to find out I'd be working with some of Karen Lewis' goodness! I was so inspired I actually got my first P365 layout completed...woah!!! Now if I can just post some pics from February already...Trust me, they're taken, but editing and posting them has taken me forever!

Ok...on with the LO's...

P365 ~ Week One

My second LO is just one of honor of the 1,079th day since I decided to change my life and get healthy. I can't believe that was almost 3 years ago. My dreams were pretty big then...I had a lot to accomplish. And I know now that I'll never stop dreaming and pushing to reach my goals.

Goodies I used:

All of the products I used can be found in Karen Lewis' Store at Gotta Pixel!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ADSR ~ Challenge 4...and a little drama

Challenge 4 is brought to us by Digitals and it stirred up a bit of a hornets nest among the contestants...

The challenge is to create 2 ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), one about something or someone you love and the other honoring your ADSR partner. These ATC's are little, only 2.5" x 3.5". They are supposed to be mini-works-of-art, mini layouts, mini whatever... Now, I've never done one before so I had to do a little research. Some are very artsy, sometimes with photos, maybe a little journaling, some are very whimsical, some vintage, sometimes they look just like a layout...pretty much whatever the artist decides.

So we each make 2, collaborate to make one preview and upload. No biggie, right? Oh brother!!... WRONG!!! I started reading some of the posts in the forum and I am always amazed at how much people can find to nit-pick and complain about something that they voluntarily signed up for and get rewarded with free stuff for playing...geesh!

Now, there is a reason I've never done an ATC before...waste of time ranks among the top. BUT, I feel they are still a viable part of digital scrapbooking and they have a legitimate place in this race. This is the Amazing Digi-Scrapping Race...not the Amazing Digi-Layouts Only Race! ATC's may not be my favorite, but I can see now why people like them. It's just like brag books, badge albums, or hybrid...not my preferred format, but if we all liked the same thing this would be a pretty boring world.

ADSR is a "challenge"...that means that we're not always going to get what we want and it's not going to be cake-walk. That is the whole reason I signed up in the first place...I wanted to be pushed out of my creative box and out of my comfort zone. I chose to embrace this challenge and I'm pretty happy with what I came up with...I may just print my little ATC's out :-)

Off my soapbox now...

So...I bet you want to see our cards, right? SURE you do!!!

Ok...I think Kim and I may be long-lost sisters or something because we share half a brain! We didn't discuss the challenge prior to both completing our cards...and how funny we both created cards about parents (well, my parents, her in-laws, but close enough)...and notice the butterfly's in our cards for each other???

Now we have to wait until Sunday for the next challenge...I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for looking...oh, and the image is clickable is you want a better view or need to get your hands on some of the cool stuff we used.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ADSR ~ Challenge 3

Our third stop in a race around the digi-world was to Scrappers Online who presented us with our next challenge...

Re-cap of required elements:
1. One focal photo with selective coloring (coloring a portion of a photo while the rest remains black and white or monochromatic)
2. 20 or more words of journaling with creative flair and/or highlights
3. At least one date element!

Here is my LO:

And Kim's:

Images above are clickable for a bigger peek and full credits. Next challenge has already been posted and will be a team effort...stay tuned to see what the iPixelators come up with!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lil Monster

I found this old pic of Kayla on a CD of older digital photos...Its from a cell phone and the quality isn't great, but it makes me laugh everytime :-) I'm glad I scrapped it!

Here are some more pics from our Disney vacation in Sept. I love how WDW is always creating new and exciting ways to make the World Showcase (countries) part of Epcot more interesting for the kids. They've put in an interactive mission that the kids can do in a few of the countries...they give them a Kimmunicator (cell phone) that prompts them with clues that sends them to different parts of the country. Each clue will lead them to a villian that they are trying to help Kim Possible save the world from. It was pretty cool!

Journal reads:
Kayla and Josh being secret agents for Kim Possible and saving the world in Japan from the evil villian Bebe. With the help of their Kimmunicator, they were given the clues needed to find the villian and stop their quest for world domination.

This is the kit I used:

Don't forget to visit Edeline Marta's Store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 12, 2010

ADSR ~ Challenge 2

Our second stop in ASDR5 was to Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild which was a "Fast Forward" Challenge...the first team to complete this challenge has the option of SKIPPING next week's challenge if they choose! That won't be us...but I never wanted to skip any of the challenges anyhow :-)

DSAG left us a Recipe/Challenge:

Theme: 5 things I LOVE about...
Title: use a combination of 5 fonts and/or alphas
Photos: use 5 photos, one of the photos must have the number 5 in it!
Use 5 different elements of the same type

Season to taste: add ingredients from your digital pantry to make this layout your own!

Here is my LO: (can you tell winter is getting loooong around here)

And Kim's: (I hafta say, I looooove her #2 photo...who wouldn't?!?)

Images above are clickable for full credits (I hope)...they were pretty extensive! Next challenge will be posted Sunday...stay tuned!

Monday, February 8, 2010

ADSR ~ Round 1

We'll Kim and I have completed our 1st leg of the race and here are our LO's...

Here's mine of Kim:

Credits: A Fresh Start Feb 2010 Daily Download by Isabel Mendez, Captivated Visions, LorieM Designs, and Julie Marie Designs; Apple from Captivated Visions Apple a Day Kit, template by Kim (illinimom)

Journal reads: It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn about someone with never even meeting them. Some of my most trusted "friends" are ones that I met online through the digi-scrapping community. Whether it's advice, help, a prayer, a laugh, a virtual hug, inspiration, motivation, a pat on the back, or whatever else I need I know I can count on the forums and my digi-friends. Kim is one of these friends to me, and through ADSR5 I hope to learn even more about her.

And Kim's of me :-)

Credits: Blissful Moments by Creations by Rachael and Armina Designs; Text Path: Text Paths for PSE by Isabel Mendez

Journal reads: 'cindy - cindyb - creative - determined to meet her goals - digiscrapper - hockey player - albert pujols fan - mac user - mom - wife - friend'

You can see the entire gallery for Round 1 HERE...and don't forget to leave some love along the way!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boogity Boogity Boogity...Let's Go Racing!!!

Hmmm...what a coincidence that ADSR5 coincides with the start of Nascar Season...haha. Ok, I'm not a *huge* fan of Nascar, but occasionally watch with the have no control over the remote anyhow LOL!

Anywhoooo...The first challenge for ADSR5 was posted today and Kim and I are super excited to get started! There are over 200 teams and I am anxious to see all the amazing LO's that will be created. I will be posting my weekly LO's here so that you can see too.

Here is the challenge for week one...ADSR Challenge 1 Basically, we have to scrap a LO about our partner, while scraplifting one of her LO' soon you'll get to meet Kim too :-)

My wheels are to be productive.

Lil Moa's Diary

My second designer for February is Edeline Designs...and once again, tough choices!!! The first kit I'm using (heck, yeah I'm going back in for more!) is Lil Moa's Diary. The elements are so super cute and it was perfect for the LO with Kayla and her two BFF's.

My second LO even surprised me, because that was NOT where I was going with it...but I kept looking at that adorable little elephant and it so reminded me of my gram. She loved and collected elephants, but only the ones whose trunks were up...they were considered lucky to her. She would have been 100 years old this past January...and I miss her everyday. TFL :)

This is the kit I used:

Don't forget to visit Edeline Marta's Store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sugar Babe Kit & Add On

One of my designers for February is Laura Burger...geesh I had a hard time choosing from all the wonderful kits in her store :-) I finally settled on "Sugar Babe" and the coordinating Add On Kit. I made these cute little recipe cards for an upcoming family shower. We're asking all the guests to bring a favorite recipe and making a little album for the bride and groom.

These are the kits I used:

Don't forget to visit Laura's Store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Font Fever Challenge

Join ME :-) Your hostess over at Gotta Pixel for the this month's Font Fever Challenge! February's challenge is being generously sponsored by Sweet Digi Scraps! and she will be giving away a $6 coupon to her store for those who complete the challenge...AWESOME!

Here is a sneak peek at the font I've chosen:

And here is a LO I did using the font:

So...hop on over to Gotta Pixel and check out the challenge forum for this challenge and all of the others too. Lots of fun (and prizes) to be had!
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