Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whew! What a Weekend...

We started off the weekend on Saturday with...

Cardinals 11
A's 10

What a nail-biter!!! Cardinals were up 11 to 6 when the they took the field in the bottom of the 6th. A's scored 4 more runs and their 10th and final batter was up with the bases loaded. He struck out (thank goodness) and the Cardinals won!

Sunday was Kayla's 1st Communion...


I am completely biased, but she was the most beautiful one there. The weather was glorious...we couldn't have ordered a better day. The mass was perfect and everyone enjoyed the party after. We held her reception at Elma Meadows which was nice since all the kids could run and play. Kayla was so patient and waited for most of guests to arrive before changing herself. The day ended at dusk and we all slept like rocks Sunday night.


The family :)

Kayla and Father Dave

Kayla and her cake (nice job Mom!)

Monday was the Southline Little League Memorial Day Parade...



The Cardinals all met early and helped decorate the truck (thanks Mark!)...the kids had their candy ready and had a blast cheering and throwing candy to the onlookers. A few of us parents kept up a nice pace behind the truck and got a nice walk out of the deal!

Josh and Peter

Then just as the kids were crashing from all the sugar they consumed...we had to play...

Cardinals 0
Cubs 6

UGH! The Cubs handed the kids their first loss. They really only played 2 bad innings...3 runs the Cubs scored in the 1st and 3 in the 2nd. The Cards defense picked up and they shut them out for the rest of the game...damage was done though. Our bats just weren't connecting and we couldn't get on the board. This was a good learn for the boys though, and a small dose of reality :) We face the Tigers on Saturday...say a little prayer!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Opening Day!

Cardinals 8
Yankees 3


The weather committee came through and opening day was a success! The rain seemed to stop just before game time and as the teams were shaking hands at the end the rain drops returned.

The boys did an awesome job and defense was the difference. The first couple innings were a bit nerve-wracking, but our team really opened it up in the 5th. Ahhh, this is much more exciting than tee-ball. The boys are really playing like a team out there and I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!

One of Josh's hits :)

Gooooo Cardinals!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Concert

Kayla was in her first Spring Music Concert last night. She was one of 12 kids selected from the entire 3rd grade to be part of a special recorder ensemble. I have to admit...they were pretty good! She has been practicing really hard for the past month or so and it was nice to finally hear everything come together. Next year she will be able to pick a real instrument, but she still hasn't decided which one =)

Here is one of the songs from last night...enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Exhibition Game


To get the kids some "real game" practice in, Tim arranged an exhibition game with the Phillies this past Tuesday. We were minus a diamond and a pitching machine...but we had decent weather and the kids learned some good lessons.

Despite the good form by Josh, he didn't manage to get a hit...did a lot of swinging, but never connected. Oh well, that's what practice is for!

Coach Tim pitching and Josh at the pitcher position.

Josh in his happy spot :) Man he lives for baseball season!

For the record...the Cardinals did win 3-0 so technically they're undefeated (hehehe)
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