Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!


And it's over in a blink of an eye...

Hope your Christmas was as beautiful and special as ours was this year. The kids had us up at 7:30 a.m. which doesn't sound bad until I tell you we were out until 2:00 a.m.! We went to midnight mass and by the time we got home and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and got the kiddos to bed it was quite early this morning. Santa still made it to the house and the kids weren't disappointed. He left Josh's Star Wars game and a Webkinz and Kayla got her Webkinz and a High School Musical game for her gameboy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Took the kids to see Santa last weekend at Niagara Hobby. We really enjoy going there...Santa's reindeer are there and Josh loves watching all the trains that they have set up. It was really chilly outside in the caboose this year, but what should we expect in December?

So...what did they ask Santa for? Kayla wants a Webkinz and some surprises. Josh wants the Star Wars Legos Game for his Gameboy...and he told Santa "no surprises" ~ just the game :) LOL! Santa reminded them that he only visits good little girls and boys and that they had to clean their room on Christmas Eve :) What a nice Santa!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Diva Pick of the Day!

Woot! My LO was chosen at Divine Digital for their Pick of the Day for December 4th! I used Michelle Swadling's Harvest and Harvest Mini Kits.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Which Reindeer are You?

Which of Santa's Reindeer are you?

Thought this was kind of fun...
Santas Reindeer


Like Comet you are always happy. Nothing seems to get you down and you can always put a smile on people's faces

Find out which of Santa's Reindeer you are at Quizopolis.com

Fun Quizzes

Josh's Lost Tooth!

It finally happened! My baby lost his first tooth on Thanksgiving morning. This has been a much anticipated event for Joshua :) He has been hoping for that wiggly tooth to come out for a couple weeks now...I mean this sucker was really hanging by a thread! Well he finally lost it while having his bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.

Unfortunately, he ate it! My baby's first lost tooth and he eats it!!! (Mom's not bummed at all can you tell?) Well, he was pretty sure now that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come to our house because there wasn't any tooth...but, I assured him that the TF is magic and she already knows that he lost the tooth and if he just left a note to explain she would still leave him some $$.

Of course the TF came through and he found a whole $1 bill under his pillow the next morning. He was very excited!

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Note says: "Dear Tooth Farie, I ate my tooth. Your friend, Joshua"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day is Here!...and some new LO's

Geesh, can you believe it's already Thanksgiving? And I personally want to go door to door and slap my neighbors around...I CAN'T believe all the Christmas lights up already! I'm all for taking advantage of the decent weather and putting them up early...but for God's sake DON'T turn them on!!! Oh, well...I'll be decorating and feeling a bit more festive on Friday so forgive the rant.

Body for LIFE is going well and even though I'm not supposed to weigh myself I couldn't help it :) So far I've lost 7lbs. since we started and I know I've lost inches because my skinny jeans are getting baggy. Now if I can only figure out how to bottle this feeling...I love being able to go in a regular store and buying the cute clothes off the sale rack...not the plus store with the dowdy clothes that make me look twice my age. Another week and a half and we'll take measurements again to see how much progress we've made.

Here are some recent pages I've done...enjoy!

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Click image for credits :) TFL

Sunday, November 11, 2007

55 lbs. and counting...

I have been meaning to do a "Before & After" page of myself and I finally did it! Wow, it's funny how few photos there are of me "before"...I wonder why??? Still, it's seeing the comparison that will continue to motivate me. The sizes are going down, the scale is going down, shopping for clothes is fun again...what more can I ask?

The quote by Christopher Reeves that I used says it all:
"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."

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Credits: Pretty Paper Bag Kit, Fresh and Fun & Add-On, How My Garden Grows by Michelle Swadling

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Body for Life

So, this is week 1 of Body for LIFE and so far, so good... Lori and I decided to give it a shot since we're both in need of a routine shake-up. This 12 week program that alternates weight training with cardio 6 days a week, plus diet promises to build more muscle so you can burn more fat. Plus we get to eat 6 times a day (little meals that is) which has proved to be a bit challenging...but want to know the "real" challenge? Getting through the holidays!!!! What were we thinking???? Hahaha! We're two strong girls...we CAN do it! We took "before" pics (which I won't post, yet!) and measurements, so we can track our results. Wish us luck and much willpower!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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Ok...better late than never, right?

Trick-or-treating was lots of fun and the weather was perfect! The first time I can remember pulling out the lawn chairs and sitting outside handing out candy! Kayla has exited the princess stage and was a scary witch this year. Joshua following with his new Star Wars obsession was Obi Wan Kenobi.

Here is a pic of my two ghouls, enjoy! :)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Reward!

Well I had my appointment today at Red House Tattoo today to have my navel pierced as my reward to myself for losing 50 lbs. and of course, Lori went with me for moral support and to take some pics...which I couldn't wait to scrap!

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Journaling reads:
Well, I finally did it! I reached my first goal of 50lbs.
It took me seven months, but I made it! As motivation,
I promised myself that I could get my navel pierced
as soon as I reached my goal. This is much more
than a reward...it is now my constant reminder to
me of how far I’ve come and where I never want
to go back to. Onward to the next 50...

Credits: Skin Deep Collection Biggie by Erica Hite, ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Curled Edges and Shadows by Jan Hicks, ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates - Layered: Instamatic by Amanda Sok, Stamped Dates Brush Set by Mandy Steward, ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Stamped - Neutrals by Shalae Tippetts (all available at ScrapGirls)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Layout of the Day @ 3S

WOW! How cool :) My layout for "Believe" was chosen as
LOTD at 3 Scrapateers!
Check it Out Here!

It was only my first layout post there! I've been a member for a while, but only just started posting since Lynne Simmons started selling there. I am totally thrilled though! Yay!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here is my latest LO of Kayla at Steve & Tabitha's wedding. I adore these pics of her blowing bubbles and totally believing in the fairy tale. She looked so sweet.

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Midnight Garden Mini Kit by Lynne Simmons

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Steve + Tabitha 10-13-07

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Well, we are back from New Jersey and Steve and Tabitha's wedding was absolutely amazing...crazy, but amazing! The weekend was jammed packed with things to do and we were on-the-go from the minute we got there. Friday we arrived to a 5-course luncheon at San Remo Restaurant...yummy! Then Tim and I had to split up because Kayla needed her final fitting and so did Josh. We met up at the rehearsal at the church then off to the Pizza soiree back at the resort. We ended the evening with a quick dip in the pool, then off to catch some Zzzz's.

Saturday morning...I was the only one to make the 7am workout, but I was so happy I did! The view was spectacular watching the sunrise as the fitness room overlooked the beach...see what I mean? It was so brilliant, I went back Sunday too :)

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The wedding was so perfect, everyone was beautiful, the bride was stunning...New York hot dogs after the ceremony courtesy of Tabitha's Dad, Gene. Off to the reception at the resort and a bonfire with s'mores and sparklers afterwards.

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Sunday, before departing, we had breakfast at the Turning Point Restaurant and then off for another quick swim before hitting the road. We were all tuckered out, but a fun time was had by all.

Check out some of the photographers favorite pics on his blog...Holy Cow! I am totally impressed! This was only a tease...I can't wait to see the rest! Laffler Photography

Congratulations Steve + Tabitha! Thanks for an awesome time :) Here are some more pics, enjoy!

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The adorable flower girl and ring bearer. (If I do say so myself!)

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Tim and I, photo courtesy of Kayla.

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My personal favorite of the weekend...love that face Josh!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Kind Are You?

In Honor of National Candy Month...
(Go ahead and take the quiz)

*What Type of Candy Are You?* (click here)
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Hershey Bar

You are a Hershey Bar. You are smooth, original and somewhat old-fashioned. You like to socialize and have the same close childhood friends. Family is very important to you. You are a nice and kind person - the best of the best!

Hershey Bar


Skittles/Gummi Bears


3 Musketeers




Reese's Peanut Butter Cup


KitKat/Crunch Bar


Jolly Ranchers




I'm OK with my results...sounds like me anyway, even though I would much rather a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or a Snickers Bar LOL!...

Thursday, October 4, 2007


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Journaling reads:
I remember how I felt when I took this
photo. At a time in my life when every
day is rushed, crazy, and hectic...I was able
to stop and breathe and enjoy this moment.
For the first time, I took a weekend for myself.
I went to visit an old friend without the kids
or my husband...just me...no distractions...
some alone time. I could hear my thoughts
again and the whirlwind stopped. Out for a
walk I spotted this butterfly and I found my
patience again...I waited, and waited while it
fluttered its wings...I had no where to go, no
one to answer, no one to call to wait for me.
The butterfly rested...its wings spread
only for a moment...ready to fly again.
photo 9-16-07 journal 10-3-07

Credits: Autumn Air by Michelle Swadling

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Going Back to the 'Burgh

Took a trip to Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend which was my home in college from 1990-1992. We went there for Joshua's 6th Birthday weekend and for the season ending baseball games between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals. We had an awesome time both at the games, swimming at the hotel, visiting all my old apartments, favorite eating establishments, and workplaces. The kids we're very compliant and patient with all of the wandering around the city we did looking for points of interest. It's been about 13 years since I've been there and so much has changed (for the better!) and I was happy that some things have remained the same. The city seems to have been revitalized...more shops and eateries. The addition of PNC Park and Heinz Field (replacing Three Rivers Stadium) was definitely a bright spot.

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We visited "The O" in Oakland by Pitt University for lunch and had a steak sub and a small (yes, that is a small!!!) order of fries...it was as good and greasy as we remember. Then we were off to Shady Side and my 2nd apartment where I lived with Brenda on Alder Place. Other than being a bit older, and a bit more run down...it still as I remember it. Our excursion took us to Squirrel Hill next and my old apartment on Forward Avenue. We got to drive down Murray and see all the other places I frequented like Napoli's Pizza, Eat 'n Park and The Manor Theater.

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The baseball games were amazing and we were able to go early for warm-ups and batting practice. Joshua (and Tim too!) loved getting up close to those guys. The kids were kind of hoping for autographs, but unfortunately the "autograph hounds" ruin it for the little guys. Some of the rookies signed, but the big guns like Pujols and Eckstein couldn't. The Cards took both games that weekend (7-4 on Saturday and 6-5 on Sunday) and we couldn't have ordered better weather...so we all had a great time!

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We ended our little weekender with dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse in the Market District...YUM! We soooo miss ours here in Buffalo and the food (and sourdough bread) was just as good as it used to be. We got a Birthday cake for Josh and the waitresses sang to him...the perfect ending to the perfect weekend.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Best College Roommate...

...and a wonderful friend! I spent the weekend of 9/15-16 in Williamsport, PA visiting my old college roommate from AIP, Brenda and her wonderful family. I went specifically for an amazing benefit concert she was organizing and performing in to raise funds to help them adopt another beautiful daughter (Eden Grace) from China. They already have one gorgeous little China doll, Genesis who was a bit shy with me while I was visiting, but so adorable. It was such an amazing time, and I swear it won't be another 13 years before we get together again. Thank you Brenda, Gary and Genesis for opening your home to me :)

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LO Credits: Basically Black Page Kit by Lynne Simmons

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Did It!

Well, here it is...finally a blog of my own! Not sure who is gonna be reading this, but if it's only for my own documentation that's ok. I am eager to get started and pretty this thing up...

Stay tuned :)
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