Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sister, My Friend

Journal reads:
I have no idea what I would do without you in my life. You are my best friend and I know I can count on you no matter what the circumstance. We have been through so much together... the good times, the bad times... always holding my hand. You give the best advice and you make me feel beautiful inside and out. I will always be thankful to have a sister, and I'm so glad it's you.

I used the new Friendship Collection Collab by Laura Burger and Randi Oh. You can find it in Laura Burger's Store at Gotta Pixel!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wintery Bliss

Here are a couple LO's I did with Laura Burger's latest kit at Gotta Pixel!

You can find it in Laura Burger's Store at Gotta Pixel!

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All I Need is Love...

It's $1 Pixel Tuesday's at Gotta Pixel...and the new set Danyale has in the store is a *must have*!!!

I used some goodies by Laura Burger and ETC by Danyale's newest Alpha Je t'aime Alpha available today for only $1!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love You

I did this LO for VickyD's 52 Pixels Challenge at Gotta Pixel.

I used A+ Design & Daminoy Designs Collab "Punch Drunk Love"...

You can find it in A+Design's Store at Gotta Pixel!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

P52 ~ Week 3

Here I am with my week #3 photos...

The Macros theme for this week is "toys"...I had to take a pic of "Josh Bear" all dressed up in his Sabres gear!

Week #2's Assignment of P52 - Red
Well these little bugger are my weakness...and they're I thought I'd photograph them since I don't get them too often :)

I'm following Stacy Carlson and VickyD's Project 52 Week Photo Challenge and Stacy's (Unofficial) Project 52 Macro Challenge over at Gotta Pixel.

One Month

It's been one month since I lost my Mom...I miss her everyday.

Journal reads:
I can't believe it's been one month that you're gone. Everyday I struggle with not being able to pick up the phone and call you. It's amazing all the things you missed so far, little and big that I would have been rushing to the phone to tell you.

Joshua earned the Laker Jersey at hockey practice for the first time. I don't even think I told you about it, but it's the coach's old pee-wee jersey that he gives to the player who had the best practice that day and they get to wear it for the next practice. He was so excited!

Kayla had her Winter Showcase for dancing and Lori and I performed too. You would love her new dances this year. She is really doing well and has earned her spot front and center, especially in her hip-hop number. Our adult hip-hop number was awesome and Dad was in the front row crying and waving to us like he usually does. He's so proud.

Kayla made the breadcrumbs at Christmas this year. She was so happy that you took the time to show her how and was so proud of herself that she was able to make them. We deemed her "official holiday breadcrumb maker" from now on.

Joshua's poor little hockey team is still struggling. They went 0-3 at the tournament in Skaneateles. The coach has told us that he's not coaching the team next year, so we'll see what next season brings.

Your little granddaughter isn't a little girl anymore. She's grown up and has started her cycle. I fully expected her to call me in tears, but she was fine with it. I think I'm more of a basket-case than she is, she was most worried about saving her new jeans (which I did).

There are certainly a million little things I would have called you for. Even now when I take my lunch at work it's hard to believe and can't call just to chit-chat. I miss you everyday Mom. I know these thing aren't missed, you're watching over us and haven't missed anything really. We just miss you here to share them with.


I used some wonderful new products by ETC by Danyale...

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SBB's Posh Party!

SBB turn 8th this weekend and there's a bunch of fun stuff planned! Don't miss out on this awesome Collab by SBB designers too...FREE with a $10 purchase!

Here's a preview of the kit:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Precious Girl

I did this LO for Mel's Crock Pot Challenge at Gotta Pixel. If you haven't checked out all the new challenges over there, you're missing some GREAT fun! I'm getting lots of scrapping done :-)

I used Mel's Awakening Kit...

Head on over to A+Design's Store at Gotta Pixel to see all here digi stuff!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

P52 ~ Week 2

Here I am with my week #2 far so good!

The Macros theme for this week is "frozen"...we had another week of perfect weather for this. Duh! It's January in Buffalo...hahaha. I got some more pretty cool shots and I couldn't pick one...

Week #2's Assignment of P52 - Rule of Thirds

What is the Rule of Thirds?
The rule of thirds is an imaginary tic-tac-toe board is drawn across an image to break it into nine equal squares. The four points where these lines intersect are strongest focal points. The lines themselves are the second strongest focal points.

Kayla, my ever-loving guinea least she doesn't mind having her photo taken :) By my imaginary tic-tac-toe calculations...the lines should intersect right where her eyes are...see it?

I'm following Stacy Carlson and VickyD's Project 52 Week Photo Challenge and Stacy's (Unofficial) Project 52 Macro Challenge over at Gotta Pixel.

Mirror, Mirror...

I did this LO for Laura's Use the Prompts Journal Challenge at Gotta Pixel...

Journal reads:
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror, where are the years going? I see my youth fading...I wonder what people see when they look at me, do I look the same to them as I do to myself...What will they say about me when my reflection fades...

Mirror, I try to see love staring back at me but sometimes I don't feel that energy...

Mirror, why do you only tell me of my flaws, you have this bad habit of exaggerating the negative...

Mirror, what are you trying to tell me?

I imagine the response would be:
The time we have is short and everyday is a gift, use it wisely. You will get older, and your appearance will age, but love is the only emotion that never dies. Love endures all things, so love yourself. Be kind to others and your actions will speak greatly of you. Find the reflection that you love because that is the one that your children will carry for the rest of their lives.

I used Laura's A Wonderful Life Scrap Kit...and you'll notice it's the kit I used for my blog re-do!

This kit is brand new in the store today and is 30% off!!! What a steal! Hop on over to Laura's Store at Gotta Pixel, you don't want to miss out!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Simply Beautiful

Journal reads:
Yes, simply beautiful.
What I wouldn’t do to go
back to this perfect time in our lives.
This photo epitomizes the beautiful
people that you are. My sister and
my Mom, you are both very
much loved and adored.

I used A+ Designs newest kit available exclusively at Scrapbook Bytes called "A Fresh Start". Here's the link to A+ Design's Store Hurry, the Grab-A-Byte sale is from January 10-16th :-)

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finding Balance

I did this LO for Victoria Feemster's Ditch the Pic Challenge over at Gotta Pixel.

January Ditch the Pic theme...
What is one thing you want to change in 2011?
Scrap a non photo layout depicting this change.

Journal reads:
For a few years in my ongoing quest to be a healthy person I have been totally focused on the physical. After transforming our lifestyle into one that includes healthy eating habits and daily exercise it's now time for me to concentrate on my mind and soul. Most days it's hard for me to prioritize. The balancing act of a full time job, home life, kids and their activities is tough to manage. I just know there is an easier way. I struggle to get done the things I need to get done vs. the things I want to do. There are days when I wish I had a clone so that I could be in two places at once. There never seems to be enough time to do everything that I want to accomplish. I resolve to work on this aspect for myself this year. I know I can't please everyone but I need to make a change.

I used A+ Designs newest kit available exclusively at Gotta Pixel called "A Beautiful Life". Here's the link to A+ Design's Store so you can check out her goodies :-)

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Monday, January 3, 2011

P52 ~ Project 52

Some of you may (or may not) have remembered my lame attempt at P365 last year? Well I failed miserably! I think I lasted a month and fizzled out fast...

So what is P52? Well instead of one photo a day, I'm concentrating on one photo a week. I am going to try and brush up on my photography skills (or lack there of) and really focus on quality, not necessarily quantity. Oh, I'll still be taking loads of shots...but really just to find that perfect one...

I'm following Stacy Carlson and VickyD's Project 52 Week Photo Challenge and Stacy's (Unofficial) Project 52 Macro Challenge over at Gotta Pixel.

Now, I'm in "no-stress" mode so if I get to posting them...GREAT. If not, hopefully I can at least keep up with taking them and learning something along the way :-)

Here are my photos for this week...I must say, Mother Nature was particularly spectacular this afternoon and I was fortunate to get outside at the perfect time. All these pretty fluffy snowflakes were floating around and I was able to capture some.

I couldn't just choose one or two so here goes...enjoy!

I thought this one looked kinda cool in black and white:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrap Chat ETC

Well, if you haven't been over to Gotta Pixel yet this'll want to get over there quick so you don't miss out on all the fun :)

One of the newest Chat/Challenges over there is hosted by my good friend Danyale and we had a blast! She is one of those SUPER generous designers...we got a giftie just for coming to the chat, then we get another for completing the challenge...Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this...Next one is 1-15-11 at 2pm EST so mark your calendars!!!

Here is my LO for the challenge...

As always, you can go to My Gallery for full credits and for a bigger look!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! I think it's super cool that it's 1-1-11 and I'm so ready for a fresh start...

First...have you noticed my new blog design and color? Have you hopped over to Gotta Pixel yet today? We got a total make-over and the site looks soooooo A-MA-ZING! Kudos to Stacy and the team over there for a job well-done. I'm loving the new colors and the grown-up feel...definitely proud to be part of that community :)

With the launch of the new look, there are some awesome new challenges for the new year so you will have to check them out! Plus, some of the oldies, but goodies are returning, but better than ever!

Check out my January Font Fever Challenge and here's a sneak peek at the inspiration layout and bonus prize...but there's more so don't miss out!

Special thanks to my good friend ETC by Danyale for being this month's sponsor :) You can peek at all her fabulous-ness in her Gotta Pixel STORE

Last...since I failed miserably at P365 last year I decided to embark on a more manageable project for 2011.

P52 :) One photo for every amazing photo! I'd really like to pay more attention to composition and photography techniques so I'm really hoping to keep up with this one.

I'm following Stacy and Vicky's Project 52 Challenge at Gotta Pixel. This week's and white! Wish me luck :)

Happy New Year to all my peeps!
Huge HUGS!!!
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