Sunday, January 31, 2010

P365 ~ Day 26-31...finishing up month #1

Well one month down...11 to go :-) Here are my photos from the rest of January and I'm ready to tackle February!

Thanks for looking!

Just some sun-shiney flowers to brighten up my boss is thoughtful like that sometimes :-)

I see you!!! I love to play around with, eh?

This is what the inside of my purse looks like...I'm not allowed anything bigger because I would definitely haul around more stuff!

The last baby tooth is gone! 11 years onto orthodontics, oh joy!

My newest niece, Hailey Elizabeth Lynn, awww!

This Is IT! MJJ LOVE! Can't wait to watch it tonight!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Swann & Sparrow

I had to pick up this adorable kit by Creations by Rachael at Gotta Pixel. This was the PERFECT kit for my Jack Sparrow pics from Disney...Josh was chosen to participate in a show at Magic Kingdom and they showed him a little sword fight...too cute!

I did a 2-pager for this one...I had too many pics to choose from!

This is the kit I used:

Don't forget to visit Rachael's Store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Amazing Digi Scrapping Race

You know I'm a huge fan of the show "The Amazing Race" already...but they have a digital scrapbooking race/game that mirrors the show! Cool, eh? We're going to travel site to site, complete challenges, collect prizes, and have LOADS of fun along the way!

I've teamed up with Kim, our CT Leader over at Gotta Pixel and our team name is “iPixelators”...since we're both scrappin' with macs :-) Cute, huh?

I took on the challenge of making our team blinkie first blinkie ever!!!! Wanna see? I knew your did...


Thanks to Bella Gypsy for permission to use their One Tough Cookie and Rock the Cradle Kits to make my creation, I also used some bits from Captivated Visions An Apple a Day Kit.

There is still some time to sign up for find yourself a partner and visit the ADSR5 Blog for more info. The first challenge will be posted on Sunday, February 7...woo-hoo!

Happy Scrappy Racing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

P365 ~ Day 16-25...Playing Catch Up!

Yummy chocolate chip pancakes (the birthday girl's request)!

Joshy movin' the puck!

The birthday girl and her "Twilight" cake.

Me and my runnin' shoes!

The view from my desk :-)

This is what 11 looks like!

What you see on my desk...a few years ago that would have been a Pop and a bag of chips! Eeek!

I love the building I work in, great architecture, eh? really is beautiful!

Cold Stone for Kayla's birthday! YUM! Her flavor of choice...french toast ice cream with brownie mixed in :-) Gotta Love It, of course!

Matty and Josh playing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

Geesh! It's still January and I'm already 10 days behind on posting my pics for P365...UGH! I WILL NOT be a P365 drop out!!! I have been taking my pics...sometimes taking a few on one day to make up for lost time on another. But taking the pics...that's the whole point, right? I am still mindful of the project and am still 100% committed...but life happens and it seems that blogging has to take a back seat sometimes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Antique Love

Products I used:

Don't forget to visit Shawnery Mathis' store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Juicy Pop

My second designer this month is Creations by Rachael! The kit I chose is Juicy Pop and I can't tell you how much I am drawn to these colors...I know I'll be using this kit lots!

Products I used:

Don't forget to visit Rachael's Store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 15, 2010

P365 ~ Day 15

My Gram's Dressmaking School Diploma from 1947...pretty cool!

P365 ~ Day 14

P365 ~ Day 13

Some dip shit (excuse my french) wrote this on my car while it was sitting in the parking lot of Chestnut Ridge where my front tires were cut... :-( All fixed now, but I wasn't amused!

P365 ~ Day 12

I spend a lot of time in my car...this is what I saw driving out to Hamburg after work.

P365 ~ Day 11

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Playground

January finds me working with designs by Shawnery Mathis, one of Gotta Pixel's newest designers! I just adore her hand-drawn elements in this kit which are full of texture!

Oh, yea and the calendar on my second page is the beginning of a CD calendar for next year :-) 2011...I'm gonna be WAY ahead of the game come Christmas time! One page a month I can do! hehe You can join in the Let's Make a Date Challenge HERE at Gotta Pixel!

Products I used:

Don't forget to visit Shawnery Mathis' store and check out all her goodies!

Go to My Gallery for full credits! Thanks for looking!

P365 ~ Day 10

A gorgeous winter day atop the sledding hills at Chestnut Ridge Park. The day was so beautiful you could see the whole city clear as can be!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

P365 ~ Day 9

This is the face of a goal scorer :-) Josh finally got his first goal as a mite, and netted an assist too in a 5-3 win over the Flames.

P365 ~ Day 8

Wade Robson came to Buffalo to teach a master class at Kayla's dance studio The Future...this is one of my favorites from the day. Kayla is in the front with the white top and black bottoms. Such an awesome experience for her!

P365 ~ Day 7

My favorite dinner...baked tilapia with rosemary and garlic, mixed veggies and brown rice! All this for 425 calories...YUM-O!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

P365 ~ Day 6

This is a photo of my work area, the place where I digiscrap and talk to my online friends!

P365 ~ Day 5

My keyboard at work...thought the perspective was pretty cool.

Monday, January 4, 2010

P365 ~ Day 4

A self-portrait :-)

P365 ~ Day 3

Our new family toy :) Just after a rockin' jam session!

P365 ~ Day 2

Kayla's new ice skates.

Friday, January 1, 2010

P365 ~ Day 1

Ringing in the New Year, here is my first photo of 2010 taken shortly after midnight! We celebrate with friends of ours and their kids every year and flip-flop houses. It was our turn to host this year and we planned a "LeCellier" style dinner (one of our favorite restaurants at Disney), a game night and wii marathon. As usual, a great way to kick of the new year!
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