Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LOTW @ Gotta Pixel

My layout "Ice Cream Cake" was chosen as the Layout of the Week 7/28 at Gotta Pixel! Check it out...

The layout uses Kathryn Estry's Ice Cream Summer Page Kit

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are Yor Ready for Some Football?

It's official...Joshua is playing football this season! Practice starts in 2 weeks and once the season starts he'll be playing games every Saturday through October. Should be interesting!?!

(Image is clickable)
Journaling reads: Well, baseball season is over and you have already switched gears...Daddy took you last night to get fitted for your football equipment and you seem really excited for the season to start. This will be the first time you are playing and your Mommy isn’t as excited as you are! 55 pounds of you in a 90 pound weight division has me a bit nervous, but that is what all those pads are for right? Just as long as you’re having fun out there little buddy, I’ll be cheering you on!

This LO uses Jean Scene 1, 2 & 3 by Kathryn Estry

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Baaack!


Kayla and I are back from Orlando and we had an awesome time. It was a week full of dance classes, rehearsals and competition, which left little time for anything else...but Kayla had a blast with her dancing friends!

Monday was the Junior and Teen cash awards competition and Kayla's trio took 2nd place and her Jazz dance came in 2nd place too.

Kayla with her trio partners, Krista and Emily, after the competition.

Wednesday was the National Finals competition...Kayla's Hip-Hop took first place and her Tap took second place which was sooo awesome for them. At the end of the awards they announce the 3 Junior level dances to perform at the Gala Dinner on Thursday night...these are the top 3 judges choices that compete for "Best Showmanship", "Best Technical", and "Overall High Score" out of the entire junior category. Well...Hi De Ho (Kayla's Tap) was chosen and the girls went absolutely crazy (Mom's did too)!!! Even though it only placed second, they still thought enough of the dance to pick it for the Gala. So...the girls were going to be dancing for Paula Abdul who was being awarded the "Tremaine Entertainer of the Year Award" on Thursday night! Everyone was so excited!!!



Thursday was classes as usual and then they had a Q+A session with Paula Abdul which was pretty cool. I had an observer band so I was able to attend too. I was impressed with how sweet and genuine she was...It was really nice to see someone so famous come back to their roots and give back to all the dancers that are right were she was when she was younger. At night we went to the Gala and everyone got dressed up...we had a wonderful dinner and then the girls went to change to perform. They brought the house down with their number and walked away with the "Best Technical" award for the Junior category.


The girls with Joe Tremaine at the Gala.

Here is their performance...we were pretty far back since there were close to 2000 people at this event...

There are some photos and videos about the event on the Tremaine Dance website

While all of this was going on...

Josh and Tim were home in the midst of baseball playoffs! They played the Yankees on Monday and won 15-0. On Wednesday they played the Giants and pulled out an amazing come-from-behind victory in the bottom of the 6th to win 12-11! Friday was the championship game vs. the Cubs and they lost 5-9. Josh had his best game ever though going 2 for 2 at bat and he had his first double!!! Tim had the sponsor deliver pizza after the game and that was about the time Kayla and I flew in.

Josh and his team with their runner-up trophies.

Saturday was the league picnic and All-Star game. Tim was able to choose 3 players for the All-Star game and their team won! It was a gorgeous day and everyone had fun.

Josh and Tim with his Division Trophy.

Tim with the All-Star Team.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LOTD @ Digitals

Woo-hoo...It's been a while since I've posted a LO! My layout "Discovering Waves" was chosen as the Layout of the Day 6/30 at Digitals! Check it out...

The layout uses Lynne Simmons' Sunny Side Up Page Kit

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Last Game & Team Day at the Ballpark!

GAME 11:
Cardinals 19
Phillies 9

The last game of the regular season was Saturday...well, technically they still have one more rain date with the Angels, but since the playoffs started tonight and the game wouldn't make any difference in the standings they let it go. So, 10-1-0 on the season...not too shabby, eh? Next is the playoffs...I'll be in Florida with Kayla so I'll have to update you when I get back.

Sunday was the team's day at the Bisons Game where they played the Scranton Yankeees and won 5-3. The weather was a little crappy and we had about a 45 minute rain delay...but the "die hards" stayed and the kids got to run the bases after the game.

The welcome board with the League's name :)

Two peas in a pod...Josh and his buddy Peter.

Josh got a ball during warm ups and had it signed by Yankees pitcher Scott Strickland.

Running the bases...

The small group that made it to the end of the game.
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