Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is a "catch up blog"...I have so much I want to post, but when??? Seems the past few weeks have been completely jam-packed and by the time we wind down at night I'm pooped!'s what we've been up to...

Kayla had her Band & Chorus Spring Concert last week and they did terrific! She loves the clarinet and is getting better and better. Collectively, they sounded pretty good for it being their first year...loud, but good :) Next year she wants to play the bass clarinet.

Here are a couple from chorus and one from band. It's hard to see her in the band video, I need to remember to get "directions" next year as to where she sits. I obviously was on the wrong side.

Kayla's band also performed at Fantasy Island last weekend as part of their music festival. I had the pleasure of a duet clarinet serenade by Kayla and her friend Rachel...

They sounded nice together don't you think?

Kayla also had dance competition last Friday night and the Shorties once again kicked butt! They competed all three numbers (tap, jazz, and hip hop) and they all finished with Gold Medals with Merit (which means they scored 90 or above). All three took a high score trophy too for the 9-10 age division. Jazz 6th, Tap 3rd, and Hip Hop 1st! Then we found out Saturday that their hip hop number scored the highest of all the 12 + under numbers too!!! Grand Champions...A-MA-ZING!!!

Unfortunately I don't have any pics to share...while Kayla was getting her awards I scooted off to see Josh's Opening Baseball Game!

The Mets (no more Cardinals this year) opened the season with a 5-2 victory against the Blue Jays Friday night under the lights, and they played again on Saturday and won 12-2 against the Indians. Josh, so far, is batting 0.714 and has one to a pretty good start!


Whew! I think I got everything...haha!

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