Friday, January 29, 2010

Amazing Digi Scrapping Race

You know I'm a huge fan of the show "The Amazing Race" already...but they have a digital scrapbooking race/game that mirrors the show! Cool, eh? We're going to travel site to site, complete challenges, collect prizes, and have LOADS of fun along the way!

I've teamed up with Kim, our CT Leader over at Gotta Pixel and our team name is “iPixelators”...since we're both scrappin' with macs :-) Cute, huh?

I took on the challenge of making our team blinkie first blinkie ever!!!! Wanna see? I knew your did...


Thanks to Bella Gypsy for permission to use their One Tough Cookie and Rock the Cradle Kits to make my creation, I also used some bits from Captivated Visions An Apple a Day Kit.

There is still some time to sign up for find yourself a partner and visit the ADSR5 Blog for more info. The first challenge will be posted on Sunday, February 7...woo-hoo!

Happy Scrappy Racing!

1 comment:

Erin said...

for a first-time blinkie, this is amazing! Great job with the twinkling stars!

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