Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back from the Land of Cleve...

We had a great time in Cleveland, OH last weekend. We went there for the Tremaine Dance Convention and Competition that Kayla was in. We went early Friday so we could get some swimming and relaxing in before the whirlwind began Saturday morning. Classes began at 8:30am and she danced until 4:00pm. Saturday night was the competition and Sunday began bright and early with scholarship auditions at 8:00am and classes until 2:00pm. Then we enjoyed the faculty show and hit the road. WHEW!

Competition went excellently and both of Kayla's dances took first place which earned them a spot to compete in the National Finals in Orlando, FL in guess where we're headed??? LOL

It was an exhausting weekend, but well worth it! I even got to take a class :) Lori talked me into taking Doug Caldwell's class on Sunday...and even though it was totally over my head (ummm, my last convention was like 18 years ago! YIKES!) it was something I am so glad that I did. I would have never even thought of attempting a dance class (especially Doug's!) a year ago. I think it says a lot about how far I've come this past year, about the weight I've lost, and my lifestyle change ~ I am living again! I was so thrilled to be able to share that with my sister. I am certain that this was an even bigger thrill for my Mom since she was there to see her two daughters dance together again. It was an emotional moment for all of us, but a memory that will continue to motivate me and that I will carry with me forever. I am going to bombard you with some photos from the weekend! Enjoy!

Kayla in Class
Ballet Class

Kayla   Nick Drago
Tap Instructor, Nick Drago

Kayla & Marty Dew
Hip-Hop Instructor, Marty Dew

Hi De Ho on Stage
Hi De Ho

Low on Stage

Girls with Trophies
The girls and their trophies

Me, Lori and the Man himself, Joe Tremaine

Doug's Class02
Doug's Class01
Doug's Lyrical Class

Me and Lori with Doug Caldwell

Josh at the Bar w/Denise
Josh and Denise getting crazy at the bar with his OJ on the rocks!

Positively POOPED! Dreamin of July...


Bop said...

Sounds like you've had a fun weekend. Great pictures! Kayla, is so pretty and You look fantastic too!! And it's funny seeing Lori all grown up.

Anyway, I've tagged you for a blogging meme, if you want to play along, but don't feel obligated. Not even sure if you find time to read these days among all of your commitments.

Happy dancing!

Bop said...

Oops almost forgot - here's the link to the meme:

Anonymous said...

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