Sunday, April 26, 2009

American Dance Awards ~ ADA

Denise and Gino with the Shorties and their "loot" :)

Another Dance weekend...Kayla had competition yesterday at ADA. The Shorties competed their Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop numbers and all the hard work paid off...they performed great and were rewarded! I actually had to write everything down because I couldn't remember all the awards they got LOL :)

Here's a summary...
Tap: Ultimate Gold, 5th overall high score (9-10 division)

Hip-Hop: Ultimate Gold, 2nd overall high score (9-10 division), 2nd overall adjudicated high score (12 & under division), Special "Precision" Award, 1st place Young Choreography Award (Jacob Fuszara)

Jazz: Ultimate Gold, 1st overall high score (9-10 division), 1st overall adjudicated high score (12 & under division), 1st place Choreography Award (Denise Vaccaro)

It was a fun day :)

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