Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I ran...

I did this one for Laura's Use the Prompts Journal Challenge at Gotta Pixel.

Journal reads:
This was my first run of Spring and coincidentally the first since Mom died. There used to be a time when running was my escape, my time to be alone with my thoughts. Now, I don’t like to be alone with my thoughts...they are painful and still so sad. It took everything I had not to just stop, walk home and forget about it. It hurt to keep going, but I don’t ever want to disappoint her. Even now. I’m going to keep running and hopefully it will become more therapy for me...my time to deal with it instead of bottling it all up inside. April 7, 2011

I used Laura's Peaceful Page Kit. You can find it in Laura Burger's Store at Gotta Pixel!

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