Monday, November 26, 2007

Josh's Lost Tooth!

It finally happened! My baby lost his first tooth on Thanksgiving morning. This has been a much anticipated event for Joshua :) He has been hoping for that wiggly tooth to come out for a couple weeks now...I mean this sucker was really hanging by a thread! Well he finally lost it while having his bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.

Unfortunately, he ate it! My baby's first lost tooth and he eats it!!! (Mom's not bummed at all can you tell?) Well, he was pretty sure now that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come to our house because there wasn't any tooth...but, I assured him that the TF is magic and she already knows that he lost the tooth and if he just left a note to explain she would still leave him some $$.

Of course the TF came through and he found a whole $1 bill under his pillow the next morning. He was very excited!

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Note says: "Dear Tooth Farie, I ate my tooth. Your friend, Joshua"

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