Thursday, October 4, 2007


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Journaling reads:
I remember how I felt when I took this
photo. At a time in my life when every
day is rushed, crazy, and hectic...I was able
to stop and breathe and enjoy this moment.
For the first time, I took a weekend for myself.
I went to visit an old friend without the kids
or my husband...just distractions...
some alone time. I could hear my thoughts
again and the whirlwind stopped. Out for a
walk I spotted this butterfly and I found my
patience again...I waited, and waited while it
fluttered its wings...I had no where to go, no
one to answer, no one to call to wait for me.
The butterfly rested...its wings spread
only for a moment...ready to fly again.
photo 9-16-07 journal 10-3-07

Credits: Autumn Air by Michelle Swadling

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