Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Almost Showtime :)

Last night was the dress rehearsal for The Future's show "B-Lo the Funk"...and it was a long one! We started around 11:30am and got home at about 11:00pm. Kayla's group did well and looks like they're ready to get this show on! All the kids look great and I'm sure they'll come through with an amazing performance this weekend.

I did a little video last night so here is a preview of my personal favorite number of Kayla's, her trio. The song is from "The Wiz"...bear in mind that this was their last number of the night and it was pretty late (and they were very goofy and delirious)...Kayla is the crow on the left who loses her hood 20 seconds into the routine. Hey, that's what dress rehearsals are for...I'll be stapling it to her head on Saturday :) Enjoy!

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