Friday, January 14, 2011

P52 ~ Week 2

Here I am with my week #2 far so good!

The Macros theme for this week is "frozen"...we had another week of perfect weather for this. Duh! It's January in Buffalo...hahaha. I got some more pretty cool shots and I couldn't pick one...

Week #2's Assignment of P52 - Rule of Thirds

What is the Rule of Thirds?
The rule of thirds is an imaginary tic-tac-toe board is drawn across an image to break it into nine equal squares. The four points where these lines intersect are strongest focal points. The lines themselves are the second strongest focal points.

Kayla, my ever-loving guinea least she doesn't mind having her photo taken :) By my imaginary tic-tac-toe calculations...the lines should intersect right where her eyes are...see it?

I'm following Stacy Carlson and VickyD's Project 52 Week Photo Challenge and Stacy's (Unofficial) Project 52 Macro Challenge over at Gotta Pixel.


Photographing Mom said...

Those snowflakes are AWESOME!!!!

~BridgetL~ said...

wow I really like the snowflake picture. :)

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