Monday, February 22, 2010

P365 ~ I'm Still In!

Oh, yes I have been taking/collecting photos for my P365 project...but getting them edited and posted has proved to be quite the challenge. Soooo, month 2 and I'm already this far behind...doesn't look too good, but I'm hanging in there.

Josh's very first penalty...looking a little dejected in the box!

My colorful daughter's colorful sneakers...she's one of a kind!

Very proud of his project grade! 100%

Me back in the day of WAY too much hairspray (Aquanet white to be exact!)

Another one of my favorite dishes...sweet and sour chicken stir fry!

Ah, the tween fashion these days...Aero, Aero, Aero...

A fraction of my Disney snowglobe collection.

Just the way I find my kids every weekend, in their PJ's and glued to the Wii!

My workout buddy :-)

We keep losing our garbage cans...hopefully now with our house number on it, we can claim it back!

My son, the Honor Roll student! Oh my, never thought I'd say that! So proud of him!

The BEST homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches EVER!

My other "Terrific Kid"

Johnny Spillane makes US history by becoming the the first ever to win an American Olympic medal (silver) in the Nordic combined event. Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

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