Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lil Monster

I found this old pic of Kayla on a CD of older digital photos...Its from a cell phone and the quality isn't great, but it makes me laugh everytime :-) I'm glad I scrapped it!

Here are some more pics from our Disney vacation in Sept. I love how WDW is always creating new and exciting ways to make the World Showcase (countries) part of Epcot more interesting for the kids. They've put in an interactive mission that the kids can do in a few of the countries...they give them a Kimmunicator (cell phone) that prompts them with clues that sends them to different parts of the country. Each clue will lead them to a villian that they are trying to help Kim Possible save the world from. It was pretty cool!

Journal reads:
Kayla and Josh being secret agents for Kim Possible and saving the world in Japan from the evil villian Bebe. With the help of their Kimmunicator, they were given the clues needed to find the villian and stop their quest for world domination.

This is the kit I used:

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